School is Where the Home is – Home Schooling

Schools are learning institutions with set values and philosophies that they tend to inculcate in their method of teaching. Usually, a parent’s decision as to which school to send their children to are based on precisely the values and philosophies that these institutions are known for. If however, as a parent, you feel that no school or learning institution share your values then perhaps you are better off home schooling your child or children.It differs from regular, traditional schooling only in the sense that the child learns all the regular lessons except that he or she does not learn this inside a school room.It is important to note however that home schooling should include taking field trips, incorporating music and physical education into the child’s curriculum, and other duties involved in a regular school day like grading papers and such. It is also important that the child’s social development not be taken for granted.One of the main contentions in home schooling verus traditional learning is that the child or children may not be able to exercise and develop social skills properly since they are not around other children that they would otherwise be in contact with inside a traditional classroom. To get the most out of this schooling method and to know if it is for you and your child, below are links to really good resources on line.This site is one of the largest resource you will find on the Internet because of the amount of useful content it has in it. Even better is the fact that this is a non-commercial site which means that the site will not try to sell you anything so that anything you read or learn from the site can be considered neutral as opposed to sites that offer information as a marketing tool to sell their products.The author of the site is a parent who actually does home schooling for his children. You’ll find useful and empathetic answers to your frequently asked questions on this site.The Advantage for SocializingAs mentioned above, one of the biggest concerns raised against is that home schooled children may not be able to develop social skills as well as children who are taught inside a traditional setting. In this particular site however you will find an article by someone who was actually home schooled as opposed to learning inside a classroom.Here you will read about how learning at home as opposed to in a classroom did nothing to deter him from developing the proper social skills needed for a fully functioning adult in our society.Look out also for other useful links found in the pages of the article to point you in the right direction on learning more about it and other rich resources on line.Learn in FreedomHere is another great resource online that showcases what’s new and current in the schooling world. The page is straight forward and easy to navigate, and puts more meat into their content rather than their appearance. This a great site to get started or improve.

Free Home Based Business

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Is Home Schooling A Good Option For Your Child?

Parents might choose to teach their kids for a number of reasons. They want to spend more time with their children and develop a close relationship with them. Many parents choose to home school their kids if they are not able to keep up with school curriculum.Children with ADHD, for instance are more likely to have writing trouble. They might struggle with written tasks as they have difficulties in planning. This alternative allows them to move at their own pace. Parents of children with ADHD state that this option has relieved them of stress. These parents tailor lessons according to children’s learning capabilities. While schools might overburden their mind with unnecessary information, parents who home school their children can make sure they teach their child in a manner in which he or she can learn easily.Parents are also apprehensive of the learning environment in schools with children learning inappropriate behavior from their peers. If home schooled, children can not only turn out to be better behaved as these parents want but also get the required education.The National Home Education Network website gives 55 reasons why parents might educate their own kids. The parents no longer have to help their kids with tedious homework and extra assignments. According to some parents, the child has to spend time at school as well as home. The tiring schedule does not allow them to be kids and indulge in other activities. Parents who home school their kids can teach focused content and avoid over-burdening work.Schooling your kids at home has its own regulations. Some states require no notification while others have strict regulations. Parents are required by state to send a professional evaluation along with any achievement test scores. The state may have any other requirements, such as approving the curriculum taught qualification of teaching parents or might send state officials to visit the home. You have to follow the laws of the state you live in.An educational consultant will help out the family to work out the curriculum to home school the kid. An educational consultant monitors child’s progress. Sometimes, families can have combined meetings and organized play dates for their children in consultants’ office.You can also check with online information made available by local authorities, which will help you home school your child. Local authorities can make enquiries to see your child’s progress. Informing local authorities is not mandatory but helpful if you do.Home schooling can turn out to be a fulfilling experience with the expertise from educational consultants and love and care of parents.